Nitam: The First

Nitam The First by John C. Payette My rating: 5 of 5 stars View all my reviews Nitam: The First is an amazing story of a youth named Jeremy James Fox who finds himself in conflict with himself and then the law. As a result of the newly formed Yong Offenders Act Jeremy is able to carry out his sentencing using a radical new series of processes and programs designed to rewire the brain. Jeremy starts this process with no autonomy for decision making and two years later ends the process as an independent individual who knows the value of interdependence. The author of Nitam: The First, John C. Payette , incorporated Anishinaabe teaching stories he was told and as an adult. Each story has a lesson and a value. He has intertwined these real life teachings into the fabric of Jeremy's life. This story would be an amazing addition to any personal library, public library, or school library or curriculum from grade school to post secondary. The lessons learned in this book are

Broken Bonds

Do you remember when We were growing Side by side Like Brothers? But now we don't even speak. What the fuck happened? Two inseparable kids Who grew into men; Two boys who had each other No matter what. More than just blood, We were family no doubt to that. But now we don't even speak, And I don't even know what happened. There came a point When we drifted apart To find our own ways. But then you needed me And along I came. But then I needed you, Now we don't even speak.